Friday, March 7, 2008

Jagwar Action Figure

This is the Jagwar sculptural input drawing for Playmates Toys. Needless to say the figure never happened and we're all bummed about that!


~ tOkKa said...
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~ tOkKa said...



Pobre gato..


~ tOkKa said...
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~ tOkKa said...

-->> ..i mean what i wanna say is..::

..that i am stunned to see that Jagwar was sent to Playmates proposed as a figure as early as the late 80s !!

..i mean when the killed the newer 2008 Jagwar toy .. that just makes this a double blow to Mutanimals fans !! >v<

Cowabunga Dude! said...

Oh, tokka...
I never understood Playmates... they'd do a lame character like Halfcourt (who I created and was surprised they produced) and nix a great character like Jagwar. Go figure...

~ tOkKa said...
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~ tOkKa said...

-->> a more perfect world they'd have made BOTH ..

but yeh i would have prefered Jag' to Halfcourt.

Maybe somone will wake up at Playmates and make that newer Jagwar toy after all !! MAYBE ??


To the Giraffe's credit..

..he's one of my favourites.. and very cleaver. Just hae his paint job.

I think it's that type of creativity that was put into characters like H.C. .. and carried over into "C O W Boys"..

..there's an honest link there .. (( no pun intended or connotation to 'Hallowieners' .. get'it .. "Links" ?? ))

..serious tho' ..

C. O. W. Boys is all "BROWN" ..and it's so much fun in ever flippin' venue i've ever read ,seen, and even played as far as the video game.

There is a serious connection there.

I ain' kidding !!

Scratch also managed to break free from Playmates detractors and remains one of my faves and he's sittin' on dirty ol' shelf of mine next to Moo Montana right now Fish club in hand and Stool Pigeon at his side ((Scratch is also another video game mini-star ..heh)) !!

Quick nerd question :: So Scratch really is / was the Hallowcat from the "Uncanny Trio" from the Archies ( Nevermore the Scarecrow, Nocturno the Owl, and Hallowcat ) ?? ..>v<

Cowabunga Dude! said...

Yes, but in a roundabout way. Hallocat and Nocturno were a villainous team I presented to Playmates as action figure possibilities back in the 80's and they were rejected.

They were a play on the characters from the famous 1871 nonsense poem, "The Owl and the Pussycat." My take on it was that they were a mutant-criminal duo.

I then incorporated them into the story for Archie Adventures #27, so that they would at least see some use.

A few months later I re-visited some of my rejected designs and snatched Scratch out of the pile and resubmitted him solo to Playmates, omitting Nocturno the Owl. As luck would have it they decided to use the idea the second time around. The rest is history.

roseangelo said...

Wow, lots of cool info here!

Poor Jagwar.. he'd be such a great action figure, then or now.

Cowabunga Dude! said...

I KNOW the day is coming when the Powers That Be will start to mine the Archie series for product. It's only a matter of time.
I just hope to see it before I'm dead.

Vaughn Michael said...

Playmates are friggin lame.
I don't even know why Mirag sticks with them.
Another company could be making such better toys, and characters.
Hence why they went with NECA for the comic based toys.
Playmates toys are so low quality its not even funny now, the toys they made in the 80's-90's at least all have brand new sculpts, you can't even say that now and the modern toys look like something you'd get free in a happy meal. :(

On the Subject of Jagwar man thats so lame, something needs to be done. I tried starting a campaign so he would get made but no one cared.

So it says Murphys name on the drawing, he says he's not an artist so who drew it?

Once again thank you soooo much for sharing this, you've made this toy geek very happy.

Btw I've not given up on my custom mutanimals, I just haven't found the right figures to sculpt over.

I've also seen your orig. design for that Owl and what later became scratch, your orig. idea with the light up eyes on the owl guy was amazing and something that Mcfarlene did with a spawn figure.

You sriously diserve your own toyline.

God I sure hope we all see that to Archie is one of my favorite TMNT worlds, besides the classic Toon.

roseangelo said...

Psst.. that's Dooney's sig, not Murph's. ;)

~ tOkKa said...

-->> ..i think it's the Copyright with Steve's name at the top of the page that throws people off.. >v<

Vaughn Michael said...

Ah ok Rose I didn't see that I saw Steve Murphys name at the top.
He must have just came up with the characters then.
His name sure is listed in the Archie comics for allot of characters.

Cowabunga Dude! said...

vaughn michael said...
Yes,I've also seen your orig. design for that Owl and what later became scratch, your orig. idea with the light up eyes on the owl guy was amazing and something that Mcfarlene did with a spawn figure.

You seriously diserve your own toyline.

Thanks vm! I'd love my own toyline!
I always tried to incorporate a feature into my designs because I was way into Masters of the Universe. Still am. In fact, I would send my MOTU figures to Playmates with suggestions. On Hothead I borrowed Rattlor's pop-up neck feature although Playmates would not spring for the mechanism and just had the child pull the neck out. This was more in line with Extendar.

Twist He-man's or Skeletor's waist and they would swing back with a punch. I used this on Sandstorm. Twist his waist and he swings back with his Swami Slicin' Sword.

~ tOkKa said...

-->> Rattlor for some reason was my top fave of the Snake Men ..((well like liked Snake Face and Ssqueeze too but well..))..

When i purged my vintge MOTU ..Rattlor was not one the ones i got rid of.

When i received the Newer 2000s version of Rattlor (( Now 'The General' )) .. i flipped. I love the newer one as much as the classic. ** Rattlor is much much sinister in the newer He-man show.

The famous Four Horsemen ((as you may know..)) did the revisions,designs and sculpts for the newer He-man show,Rattlor,toys and the current NECA statues.

The Four Horsemen did the sculptures & protoyping for the upcoming NECA TMNT .. >v<

~ tOkKa said...

-->> you have any conceptual stuff for Sandstorm ? ! >v<

Vaughn Michael said...

You are very welcome I only speak the truth.
And that's so cool! I've always wonderd about that.
He-man was a great line and I really love the figure sized statues sculpted by the 4 horsemen over at neca.
I'm also very excited about Neca's tmnt figures which the 4 horsemen seem to be doing also.
It bothers me that Playmates just doesn't seem to get it or move ahead with the times.
They would be selling figures so much more if they took the time to put care into them.
The new toys look like happy meal toys compaired to the old toys with the massive amount of deatil they had.

So why did they make hothead aka warrior dragon red instead of yellowish like in the comics?

dark turtle said...

OMG, that's an incredible concept sketch. I'll echo everyone else's disappointment in the lack of a Jagwar fig. I'm crossing my fingers in hope that if the NECA line starts out strong, maybe they'll be willing to do an Archies wave.