Friday, March 7, 2008

Game Over

Scratch is the boss!


roseangelo said...

Is that TMNT 3? I always sucked at that game.. I should give it another go.

Vaughn Michael said...

awesome, scale tail is in that also I believe.
Did you create him also?
I really miss the creativity that went with the old tmnt, thats what made me a fan.
The entire bland looking mutants and stuff in the new show just turn me off.

Vaughn Michael said...

could this be real ryan art on a t-shirt? or is it a cheap knock off?

Cowabunga Dude! said...

Mike created Scale Tail. Yeah I agree vm... the new mutants pale in comparison to the original ones.

Link won't work. If it's the 4 heads shirt, that is indeed art penciled by Steve and inked by yours truly.

And Rose...I quit playing video games back when asteroids and Frogger came out. I suck at them and haven't touched one since. Well, except for the C.O.W.-Boys arcade game in my basement, but I even suck at that !

roseangelo said...

I've been pretty much raised by Nintendo, so I have more video games than I know what to do with. I just have a bad habit of quitting a game if I suck at it from the start. ;p

I'd like to get both TMNT arcade game PCB boards, since I don't have space for the whole cabinet. There's a device you can buy that will make them work on your TV. The Moo Mesa game was awesome, too. Should also round up that one, eventually...

~ tOkKa said...

-->> Rose, .. M.Mesa ..rawks.. other game like it !!

It's not that hard.. you just gotta keep firing and firing .. :/

D4mm i love that game.

..if you ever need help puttin' a cabinet together lemmee know.. i got connections !!

Rose, Scratch is Boss of the first level, followed by Dirtbag, a Triceraton and yeh ,V ..Scale Tail.

Cyber Shredder.. as he is known is the one holding April captive.

And yes the game is a b5tch !!

It's the hardest of the classic TMNT G.B. games.

.. i find it interesting that 4kid is unwittingly revisiting the concept of"Cyber Shredder".

Tho' this new version looks 'Radically' different.

V, isn't Scale Tail.. or a version of him in that Dooney book ??

I think so ..

~ tOkKa said...

-->> ♥ ♥ Scratch


Vaughn Michael said...

I wish Peter wouldn't be so closed minded about mutants.
I really think a new toy line should be made if we're never going to get creative tmnt figures again.

Like I've been said I don't think it's shredder of a Cyber Shredder as they've been calling it, I think it's just Viral.

I've never understood what cyber shredder was, was he a cyborg version of shredder?

& no that character in Dooneys book is quite differnt that the scale tail we have in the toyline.
But pretty close even if the story is differnt also.

~ tOkKa said...

-->> ..would't be suprised if in the development process of Dooney's ' Scale Tail' ..

"Cobrax" ..the snake in the book ..perhaps one of Scale's evolutions.

Much like the development it shows for Antrax.. >v<

Vaughn Michael said...

Yes but unlike the differnt versions of the ant mutant that later became Antrax, Cobrax and Scale Tail are quite differnt looking.
I'm sure we both can agree though that we wish Mike doonies foot soldier 2 would have came out.
I'd also kill for a Gizmo & Fluff figure.

~ tOkKa said...

-->> Fugitoid and Gizmo are pals..

maybe ..

it could still happen ..

and with this Techo - theme coming up for the new season ..

why couldn't Gizmo and Fluffy show up ?!


~ tOkKa said...

fn-->> ..and yeh the robo-Foot is so rad.. >v<

~ tOkKa said...

-->> V, here is your shirt link ** ..


Cowabunga Dude! said...

For the record, Antrax was created by both Mike and Dan. I created Scratch and Dan created Jail Bird.
I always notified Playmates of the creator credits but they dropped the ball on the Scratch packaging. Towards the end, when I had left as Toy Coordinator, credit on the back of the blister cards fell by the wayside. Things were coming to an end anyway as less and less mutants were being made and the emphasis was even more on producing turtle variants.

~ tOkKa said...

-->> Jail Bird was a real Stool Pigeon for the Foot Clan .. ;p

it's pretty crappy they don't cred anymore on thr toy packs.

By now with 4kids :: Credit.. that's not even an afterthought.

It's all messed and mixed up. For example::

The TMNT // Usagi and Gen figures from the other year are stamped 'Mirage Studios' when they should say "Copyright Stan Saki".

Gee whizz !!

The good things tho':: .. is that the recent Alien Hunters assortment ..hard core fans know that the villans have a hard 'DOONEY' edge ..and it's obvious who help envision them.

Also with the NECA figs comin up.. NECA is much more adept to giving credit to on the packaging to those who helped create the final product.

Is there any Video Game more related things you can share with us , R ??


Cowabunga Dude! said...

Jail Bird is Dan's Stool Pigeon design.

I am credited on the back of the 2K3 Leatherhead packaging but only because Murph was looking out for me. Many thanks Murph!

No other TMNT video game stuff I'm afraid but I did work extensively on the development of the C.O.W.-Boys arcade game with Konami but that's a story for another time or blog.

Cowabunga Dude! said...

~ tokka said...
-->> V, here is your shirt link ** ..

Thanks tokka! Those are indeed penciled by Steve and inked by me!

~ tOkKa said...

-->> ..welcome..

**Here is Dan and Mike's EVO for Antrax Me n' Vaughn were refering too.. .. >v<

Vaughn Michael said...

Cowabunga Dude! said...
Things were coming to an end anyway as less and less mutants were being made and the emphasis was even more on producing turtle variants.

Hence the death of the lines, and yet some how Playmates keeps doing the same thing..and gosh golly why in the world aren't these figures selling..well maybe it has something to do with that fact that kids aren't as dumb as playmates and 4kids thinks they are. *ugh*
What's a few mutants going to hurt? I mean really, certain people relaly need to get over themselves.