Thursday, March 13, 2008

Gentleman Gene"The Dean" Colan

I'd have to say my favorite issue of the Adventures title would be issue 22. That's because Gentleman Gene Colan drew it!
These pages are special because my characters Vid Vicious and Warrior Dragon are on them.


Vaughn Michael said...

love it, the entire archie series doesn't get the credit it diserves.
It infact is the series that got me into tmnt comics in the first place, because I came across the leatherhead issue at a local 7-11 and I was hooked!
A few years later I was introduced to the mirage comics by my aunts boyfriend at the time, didn't even know about them until that point.
And the rest is history. :)

Btw do you have any character designs for Vid? I'd like to see them so I can make a custom figure and base it off of your designs so it's perfect. :)

Adam Winters said...

Yes, I remember that issue had a lot of flair to it. It's one of my favorite too. I believe it's the same issue where Raph finally returns from his Mutanimal adventure and shows up as the mystery man in a cloak who KO's Shredder and saves the day. I love that fight!

~ tOkKa said...

-->> ..what was cool abour Colan's work ..his Turtles looked alot like the playmates action figures.

I can just imagine he was modelin' them on his art table as he was penciling the issue.


~ tOkKa said...

-->> .. BTW .. how many terabytes does it take to download Donatello onto my pendrive ?!

**Vid Vicious Vughn Michael **


kirbyisking'nuffsaid said...

This was a great book. I so admire Gene Colan's work, first on Iron Man then Daredevil, Howard the Duck and Tomb of Dracula.

Cowabunga Dude! said...

No designs that I've found vm, sorry. He's pretty straight forward though. My homage to Kirby creations like Galactus with the great helmets! If I run across any I'll be sure to post them for you.

Yes tokka...Murph and I sent Gene the turtle action figures to work from. He requested them and as you can tell used them as reference for his issue! So cool!!

roseangelo said...


I also love this issue, and it's one of my favorite covers.

Vaughn Michael said...

It's ok Thanks :)
I'll go by A.C. Farley's art from the Mutant Universe book.

Cowabunga Dude! said...

vm, you'll have to add the spinning thingy on top of Vid's helmet. Craig forgot to draw it in his drawing!

Vaughn Michael said...

eeep! thanks for the heads up I guess I'll have to just go by the comic and that then to get it all together hehe
I want to make the rest of the Mutanimals but some one like Vid seems as if he'd be a bit easier to make at the moment.

NoGhostSaturn said...

I too am a huge fan of the Archie series and I just wanted to say Hi! I'll be frequenty this blog often, as I only recently discovered it!