Thursday, March 6, 2008

Heroic Interview

For those of you who collect fanzines here's one from 1988. Jim and I are interviewed inside about Tales, Mirage's new comic day, our favorite artists and other assorted stuff. I like the cover. Bright, happy, sunny yellow! My copy is water-stained and old. Can't imagine many of these are still around today.


roseangelo said...

That interview was done by phone, right? I can't even imagine the gagetry required to do such a thing at the time.. and then to transcribe the whole thing and type it out. You really had to be dedicated to put those things together. Props to those who did!

Great cover, BTW. :)

Cowabunga Dude! said...

Yes it was Rose.
It's funny to go back and read the interview now.
I sound like such a dork.
We did the cover special for Tom. I wonder if he still has the original?

~ tOkKa said...


!! !!

..i mean serious !!

The girls got issues !!


Seriosu tho''s amazing.. i'm clueless how she does it !!


Cowabunga Dude! said...

We all stand in awe of Rose! She has EVERYTHING TMNT!!

Vaughn Michael said...

Awesome wish i could find one, but I can't even find a copy of tales #32 anywhere :(

Yeah Rose's collection is awesome I'm trying to get there lol but it really is great and it's nice how she doesn't brag about it like some fans who I won't name do. :)

roseangelo said...

Vaughn, your TMNT toy collection trumps my toy collection at any point in time. :)

And I'm constantly in awe of the goodies tOkKa shows off.

There are actually quite a few great TMNT collections that go vastly unrecognized. Quite a shame, really.

Vaughn Michael said...

Thanks Rose,
Gotta keep those custom figures coming.
Next up are a set of Corrected Neutrinos and some other things that go with them.