Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Tales Pages

Back when Steve was lettering all the turtle books he would get to keep a couple pages
for his collection. Here are 2 pages from Tales Vol 1 #5 with Complete Carnage.
These are for sale so if you are interested in them just email Steve.

Out of curiosity did you like the way I inked Jim on the 7 issues of Tales?

Think my inks sucked?

Let me know. Which issue is your favorite?

With the new Tales collected coming out, I hope to do a sort of retrospective on how I approached the inks with each individual book.

If you remember, I tried a different style with each issue.

How does my inking approach compare with the current inkers that work with Jim?

I'd like to start doing a few pin-ups of the TMNT and I'd like to ink them in the style
of everyone's favorite Tales issue. My favorites are #3 , #5 and #6.

Oh, and that's the one and only Eric Talbot driving the camaro in panel 4 of the top page !


Rachel said...

When the re-issue of Tales Vol. 1 comes out, I'll be seeing it for the first I can't answer your questions, but I'm excited to see what you're talking about, and I'll be looking at it more closely now that you've posted about the inks! :)

Alex "Toon" Deligiannis said...

Any chance you could post scans slightly larger moving forward (I realize there are probably reasons for keeping them so tiny, but some stuff is really hard to see). There's no way to really discern ink styles from these scans, but I plan to go over the pages in my comics when I get home.

Out of curiosity, did you vary tools with each style? I love hearing about "process." Do you tend to stick with the usual Hunt 102, or with a particular brush, or do you use a variety?

Cowabunga Dude! said...

Back then I used a #25 Morilla white taklon brush from Germany and Tombo pens.

I used them on all 7 issues as well as licensing artwork.

In fact, I still have a few of the brushes I used to ink those issues with still in my brush cup along with old toothbrushes and dried up markers and some of those tiny turtles that came in that green goo Playmates sold as mutagen. I think it came in a green plastic garbage can.

Now I use a #1 or #0 Kolinsky Raphael sable brush to ink with along with Micron pens from Japan instead of tombos.

Raphael brush.

How appropriate.

funkidrumr said...

I too don't have the Vol. 1 Tales of the TMNT but I supremely look forward to when the collected edition comes out and will certainly let you know what I think. These pages look cool though. Did you do the tones as well? They look nice! Very different from other inking approaches on Jim's work. Inking is such a huge thing in comics. It gets overlooked too much I think. Neat Eric Talbot Camaro cameo too!

GreenWillow said...

Think my inks sucked?
Good grief, no.
I thought I saw both the inking and drawing styles evolve and grow more refined with each issue but the art in all of them was really dynamic. Not just Jim's drawing but your inks made the characters *move* on the page. And the movement-- making the characters live-- is what I love in any comic art.

Wait-- did you use the Tombo pens to *shade*? I used those back when I was trying in earnest to copy all the Mirage artists' drawing styles but I figured I was totally cheating cuz I didn't have that duo-tone paper.

Anyway, my favorite Tales story, for pencils, inks, *and* storyline, hands-down, is I, Monster.


~tOkKa said...

-->> work is fine..

yadeedah .. i'm also fine to throw digi0 inking in anyone's cace since i rely so heavy on digital procesesseseeeesssss **~~ myself..

..but nothing compares to your little muta-garbagecan filled with old toothbrushes and design markers.

.. i'm sorry i loved the like what GW said the way you made the stuff 'move' ..

it showed more than just inking from the wrist. also made the printed pages feel more 'real' ..

a process that summin' digital just can't do.

That also may be the reason those pretty painted Turtles heads are sellin' like honey coated flap-jacks on the ebay there.

((I'll do a news round up in a bit,R .. had comp issues and art show prep for about 35 hours so .. a bit behind with the Turtle news blog.


Vaughn Michael said...

No way your inks are great I wish you where inking Jims work now it would be a much needed help.
I've said it before while I adore talbots art his inking jus does not look right with Jims new style.
I'll be honest I love all those first tales issues.

roseangelo said...

Like others, I love all of these issues too, so I dunno if I could go through and pick one with a favorite anything, let alone inking style. It's all great! :)

I also love Eric's inks with most every penciler, but like Vaughn I think it would help Jim's current art if someone with a thinner line style were doing it. Bringing back the duo shade board would also be a welcome sight.

And Tokka, you know my email address. ^_^

Cowabunga Dude! said...

funkidrumr said...
"Did you do the tones as well? They look nice!"

Yes, thanks!

greenwillow said...
"I thought I saw both the inking and drawing styles evolve and grow more refined with each issue."


Wait-- did you use the Tombo pens to *shade*?

Nope. That was duo-tone paper with the two chemicals that you brush on. I probably have
irreversible chromosome damage from the contact and fumes.

"Anyway, my favorite Tales story, for pencils, inks, *and* storyline, hands-down, is I, Monster."

Ahhh...everyone says that. But thanks.

"I'll do a news round up in a bit...ROSEMARY HEEEELLLPP!!"

Thanks tokka...and Rose, help the man!

Thanks VM and Rose. I had fun trying to ink Jim like Eric in #25.

I failed miserably though...

roseangelo said...

I had forgotten about that story, so I cracked open the book and had a look/see. You have an odd definition of failure (although you're always your own worst critic, of course). I think the inks are just fine. And I do think the thinner lines help. But what really helps that story IMMENSELY is the tones. Jim's art NEEDS to be toned!!

kirbyisking'nuffsaid said...

I think it's pretty damn close to Eric. The tones look cool.