Thursday, December 13, 2007

Mondo Mutanimals

Mondo Gecko from the animation style guide. Angleron is a new mutant created for the Mutanimals pitch. He's pals with Armaggon.
Hmmm...speaking of Armaggon, I wonder where they ripped off the idea for Street Sharks?


~tOkKa said...

-->> ..Mondo looks closer to form here than on the original toon. More like a teen !!

Angleron is georgeous ..

!! !!

♦ ♦SKATE OR DIE, RY !! ♦ ♦


Vaughn Michael said...

I agree with tokka Angleron is wicked cool!
You just need to start an action figure line of your own.
I've always wanted an armaggon figure.

roseangelo said...

I didn't even know it was possible to be pals with Armaggon!

MrColinP said...

Mondo Gecko is responsible for a (thankfully unsuccessful) phase in my youth where I actually desired braces.

RedSmith83 said...

The Mutanimals was such a great super-mutant group.

Thanks for letting all us fans in on the action.

I want a Mutanimals cartoon on tv now !

With the world going to hell the mutanimals are just what we need!

m. said...

I miss Armaggon!

roseangelo said...

Armaggon is my favorite TMNT villain ever. Yes, even more than Shredder.

dark turtle said...

Mondo Gecko! His action figure was one of my favorites growing up. I always had him and Mikey take out Foot Soldiers together. :)

Vaughn Michael said...

me to Rose!
Bring back Armaggon!!!
The shark from tales's worms of madness reminds me of another Armaggon ripp off btw or tribute..whatever you want to call it.

Dierna said...

Wow! A mutant angler fish!! Those things are so scary lookin to begin with! I wouldn't have wanted to tangle with a mutated one! Yipes!!!

Vaughn Michael said...

It's funny I have a mutant Angler fish as well in my cast of characters.
Would anyone care to see him and his cuddle fish side kick?

~tOkKa said...

-->>Wanna see, V ..

..cuddle fish are so creepy and adorable.. so yeh lik us.