Thursday, December 6, 2007

Red Sells ?

Steve has a bunch of original artwork up for auction on eBay right now. Among the various pages and covers is this original Mutanimals regular series #1 blueline cover.

This is how we did colors at Mirage back then, before Photoshop came along. Interesting to note is the green background color that was approved and should have seen print. However, our editors at Archie kept saying "red sells comics," and thus wanted this first issue to have red on it somewhere. Hence the change.

I don't know... I like the "jungle" colors on Steve's original. What do you think? Does red sell comics to you? Or is it a bunch of Archie hogwash? Pete and Kev's first turtle issue was red. Hmm. Maybe Archie is right.


Rachel said...

I'm sure it's a moderately-proven thing that red attracts the eye--but honestly, where comics are concerned, I'm attracted to green. Mostly because I'm used to wading through comics looking for TMNT. Green means go! Lol.

Cowabunga Dude! said...

We agree rachel.

And , it's interesting to note, when Mark Freedman was shopping the turtles around, one lord -on -high, muckity-muck toy company turned down the property and said the turtles would never make it because green doesn't sell.

Wonder where that toy exec is today ?

roseangelo said...

Green is my favorite color (big surprise?), so I'd buy green any day. ^_^

Not having the artistic skillz myself, I find the blueline coloring to be fascinating to look at because it's just so neato how it just looks like a big blob of paint and then you put the overlay on top and magically the picture/comic is revealed.

dark turtle said...

I do think red is more of an eye-catching color than green, but having a predominately green cover shouldn't harm a potential sale. Characters on the cover, the composition, etc. probably play a bigger role in attracting buyers.

And I miss the Mutanimals. :(

Cowabunga Dude! said...

dark turtle said...

"...And I miss the Mutanimals."

So do we DT. But they are dead.