Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tales of the TMNT #58 in stores now!

As the space vampire Galactose ransacks the universe, it leaves dimensional destruction in it's wake. Alternate realities are laid bare.

Artwork by Dario Brizuela.


Mondo Gecko said...

fuck yes guess whos back^^
-= UnItEd We StAnD DiViDeD We FaLl If We FaLl We ShAlL RiSe AgAiN!! =-

Vaughn Michael said...

Got it, interesting I guess.
I'm just dissapointed that nothing came of it and it's just that image.
I want the Mirage turtles to meet their other universe selves along with the Mutanimals.
That would be very bad ass.
-Vaughn M.
p.s. I'm still confused as to how the heck Cudley fits into the Mirage universe.

Daniel Schwarz said...

This looks hot. Looking forward to getting my copy (will probably stop by the comic shop on Saturday).

Roseangelo said...

I'm not going to be able to make it to the comic shop before going out of town tomorrow, so I have to wait until next week. It makes me a bit sad, 'cause I've really been looking forward to this one.

Steve Lavigne Ryan Brown said...

Baby steps vaughn, baby steps.

You probably didn't care for this story arch anyway.

We want the Mirage turtles to meet their other universe selves also but with Mirage you never know what's going to happen or why. You should realize this by now.

Look at this as a step in the right direction.

As mentioned before Pete wanted Cudley in this storyline which floored us to say the least.

We'll take what we can get when it comes to utilizing the Adventures universe so in Cudley went!

Vaughn Michael said...

I'm not bitching about it don't get me wrong.

I was super excited to just see the Mutanimals and Archie TMNT, Bebop, Rocksteady and Krang there.

I'm not a big Cow boys fan now but I didn't dislike the story.
what would make you think I wouldn't?

I'll admit that the puns did get on my nerves a bit lol

I thought the art was great at could get used to that every month.

And I do know things are up in the air when it comes to all things turtles in general.

I'm thinking your taking my first comment a bit more harsh than I had intended.

And that's great that Peter wanted him in there, that's what I was asking pretty much.
I also mean that like what's his background?
Is he the same as the Archie comics or is he different at all?

I'm happy for the baby steps but some times my excitement gets the best of me. ;)
-Vaughn M.

~ tOkKa said...

-->> ..sorry i like Galactose..

he's intolerant.

Steve Lavigne Ryan Brown said...

Buy a lot of the Forever War vaughn because if sales are good maybe we'll see an all-new TMNT Adventures title.
Oh, and Cudley is the same Cudley you've come to know and love.

Steve Lavigne Ryan Brown said...

Ah,tokka...always the comedian.

Neil Vitale said...

A new TMNT Adventures title? One can dream :) I've been waiting for more collected books to come out, but I may have to pick up this one and a few back issues

Vaughn Michael said...

How many are we talking when we say allot of forever war? lol

~ tOkKa said...

-->> Wow , even the Spambots will buy the book and use it as a bathmatt !!