Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Those Were The Days

This picture was taken at one of the many photo shoots in the old Florence studio. We were all in the background trying to crack them up. I had an excuse for goofing around because the photographers always commandeered my space for the backdrop. That's why I was always late with the inks for Tales, yeah!

Say "cheese".

Shine Like A Lighthouse

As the summer reading season approaches be sure to pick up a copy of Steve's children book. He's hard at work on it's sequel right now. Those characters are so darn cute!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Movie Memory

Fun times on the set of the first film.

TMNT Fun Fact

When Steve and I were searching for a name for Cherubae we were having no
luck. We even considered combining the names of our then girlfriends at the
time but that didn't work either.

As fate would have it we both kept humming the Rolling Stones song "Shattered" and
somewhere in there we both thought we had heard the word
"cherubae" and bingo! that's the name we went with! I don't know if that
word is really in there or not but it did help us solve our dilemma.

Now that I listen to it again I guess Mick is singing "shadoobie".

Monday, April 21, 2008

The Buglys

Here are some characters I created for a kid's meal promotion back in 1999. This is a catalog page featuring the Buglys. I was asked to create
the characters first and then the program was developed around them. I provided the sculptural input drawings also. They are 4" tall and include the groovy 60's ladybug in high heels, grasshopper basketball player, tea sipping honey bee and sleepy snail with his teddy bear and bunny slippers. Collect them all!