Thursday, May 14, 2009

Terrorpin and Snappy Warhol

A Playmates action figure submission by Stephen R. Bissette and Stephen Murphy.
This is just begging to be made into a custom figure!!


Vaughn Michael said...

hahaha omg I love it!!
And are you trying to hint something to me ;)
I do have a custom for you coming up just you wait it's an exclusive I'm doing for all you TMNT greats.
Btw which one of you is posting I always get so confused by that, you guys should put your initials at the end of each post lol.

Oh btw Tokka is going to flip over this!

Vaughn Michael said...

Oh one last thing what is Aqua X?

Steve Lavigne Ryan Brown said...

Yes we are vaughn! You must make ALL the designs Playmates rejected!

What? And spoil the mystery? Never!

We assume Aqua X is a dimension populated by really rad toy ideas!

Roseangelo said...

OMG! Tokka is SO going to flip over this!!

Steve Lavigne Ryan Brown said...

That's the idea Rose!

~ tOkKa said...

と私の肘を岩に沿って、川風にこする。私は、魚や出血、すべて私の血を飲んで来てもバンパイアの死に方になっています。FLIP~~* 私はオレンジ色です。

☠ ☠ ♥ ♥ ♥ !@#$#$@$#%$^$%^#!@#!@

-->> .. so the bottom line ..

Terrorpin is in essence one of the fabled Tokka's that Murphy spoke about that Ryan , Lavigne, and Bissette had tossing around their art boards eons ago..

Tokka would go from TOY REJECT to Movie star and then back TO TOY BOY ..

and Terrorpin would go on to star as the infamous SNAPPER monster that attacked Leo in TMNT V.2 and was revealed to be Rhianna ,The Sewage's steed in the Fish Woman's take "THE CURE" and would start the official beginning of my professional career with a ' THUD ' !!

So essentially .. i really have come full circle and in a round about way i really have lost my mind but only to have it come back, bite me in the ass, and then i went ahead and put it on backwards and inside out.


~~ ** - faint.

Dark Wizard said...


Vaughn Michael said...

Yeah tokka's a dope but we love him lol :P

Yes we are vaughn! You must make ALL the designs Playmates rejected!Hah if it could be my full time job I would be more than happy to make everything you toss my way into a custom or real toy line.

What? And spoil the mystery? Never!Well I just don't want to be rude and say Ryan when it's not him or vice versa.

We assume Aqua X is a dimension populated by really rad toy ideas!Show me the gateway and I'm going to move there, there is nothing on the toy shelves today that could even come close to these concepts.

~ tOkKa said...

" deus ex tOkKina "

~ tOkKa said...

-->> :D



Mondo Gecko said...

hahaha tokka your funny and awsome
but ya that pic kicks ass.
also still woking on my comic^^ would love some ideas on who to put mondo and syrix against as an enemy for the nest series i plan to work on.. maybe that terrorpin guy heheh

~ tOkKa said...

-->> Thanks, M ..

Terrorpin was eventually used, but became the bipedal beast / steed that attacked Leo in volume 2 and now currently resides with the Fish Woman Rihana and her child on the other side of N.Y. in the Mirage Universe.

A much more um .. realistic characterization than presented in this toy design. Tho both designs are strikingly similar.

Tho' now Terrorpin does not walk upright.

And i have 100 % full proof confirmation from Steve Bissette himself.

Essentially this was illustration that inspired TOKKA and literally is

THE VERY FIRST TOKKA !!However at this point TOKKA & Terrorpin now are two entirly different characters.

Mondo Gecko said...

hehe cool... dude where do ya live we gotta kick it and have a few beers and kick back and talk tmnt and death metal man^^
after all^^ tooka n mondo gecko hangin out gettin drunk n drawin and gettin the chicks hehehehe

~ tOkKa said...

-->> .. i live South of Denver in the sporadic helm of Militant Military country and castrated / conservative farm-land.

It's a redneck paradise down here and so yeh i guess we could go grab some ice cold tall boys and sneak into the petting zoo's poultry section and pick up some chickens.


Mondo Gecko said...

hahahahahaha you remind me of my cousin brian..
i live in california:P
damn that sux major chode
because i know we would get along

The Rantinator said...

Know what we need? A toy of Bog Swamp Demon. I'm surprised no one submitted him as a concept. All these other guys are interesting to see.

Steve Lavigne Ryan Brown said...

We agree Spitfire! You need to use your film school training and make a Bog Swamp Demon horror movie!

Coincidentally, interest in a Bog action figure was expressed a couple years back, nothing ever came of it though. He was to be included with an assortment of independent comic book characters as a Build-A-Figure.

Vaughn Michael said...

No freaking way!
That would have been so awesome!

Steve Lavigne Ryan Brown said...

Yep vaughn, would've been great. But alas, it was not to be.
The toy company name escapes at the moment but they were very small.

~ tOkKa said...

-->> ..what about shocker ?!

Vaughn Michael said...

You know Dave has a point guys,
Shocker toys is starting up doing independent comic characters as figures it may be something to look into for Bog.

~ tOkKa said...

-->> ..the figs are decent. Not perfect.. the Dick Tracy one tho and Maxx are pretty keen.

Steve Lavigne Ryan Brown said...

That's it tokka...Shocker Toys.

Let them know you want a Bog Swamp Demon action figure! Painted version and a clear green variant with minimal spray ops!

Or a glow-in-the-dark figure,cool!

fordfirefox said...

Bog Swamp Demon was a great character in the ninja turtles comic books and would make a kickass figure. Along with the tmnt I like to collect related stuff from the mirage studios artists and would buy this in a heartbeat to add to my turtle collection.
Why did Shocker Toys pass on Bog?
You should shop the character around, Im sure some company would be happy to make the figure. Big bad toy store sells exclusives, ask them.

~ tOkKa said...

-->> Ford, i was just suggesting Shocker, not sure that's who initially approached making the toy.

If tales survives ..

perhaps Bog could actually do a X - over himself with the TMNT ala the ' Boys or Gutwallow or Flaming Carrot .. ..


Steve Lavigne Ryan Brown said...

It was Shocker Toys tokka. Bog was to be included with ShadowHawk, Katchoo
and Scud if memory serves.

No idea fordfirefox. Sounds like they found more popular characters like Dick Tracy and the Maxx.
As far as shopping Bog around, the license is available if anyone is interested.
Maybe we could get Bissette to illustrate the packaging!

He'd do a great blister card!

~ tOkKa said...

-->> that's a great idea !!

Steve B. ROCKS !!

In the second wave ..

I get to do the blister art !!