Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Armaggon Attacks!

Commissions from fans are always fun and we enjoy doing them when we get the chance. They give us the opportunity to work together just like back in the old days! While most requests are for the TMNT, once in a while we get to do other characters from Mirage Studio's vast array of characters. This time it's Armaggon and it's for David. Above are the blue pencils!


Roseangelo said...

Armaggon is one of my favorite TMNT baddies and he's been drawn by very few artists, so it's awesome to see another interpretation!

Congrats to David!

Dark Wizard said...

this dude is so rad, I was always this guy in the SNES turtles tournament fighters

Mondo Gecko said...

armaggon is actualy apart of my new mutanimals comic i am still working on..
he eventually becomes a good guy ang the godfather of syrix warsongs first born son saetto
armaggon was awsome

Vaughn Michael said...

Armaggon is amazing one of the coolest looking tmnt characters ever I hope to make a custom of him some day!
Speak of check out my newest finished customs guys:
Mr. Null

BTW Mondo Armaggon is should never be a good guy tisk tisk lol
-Vaughn M.

Lord Nightwalker said...

Man..That's cool. Nice work guys!

Alex Deligiannis said...

Love seeing ManRay in there; great composition!

Topsu said...

Sweet, one of my favorite villains of TMNT. I also hope to see Vaughns custom of him, since they're so good in terms of quality.

In meantime, here's my effort of making a custom of him:

Vaughn Michael said...

Hey Topsu,
I've been meaning to tell you that I like what you did with that Street Shark over at the Drome but haven't had the chance.
I appreciate your kind words about what I do as I wish I could be working for a toy company mainly one that makes TMNT figures or the something like it.
I've been wanting to do Armaggon for a long time but I've been having trouble thinking of just the right base body to use for him.
Also can't decide what should be what with the character as I've discovered with Man Ray who I will be doing a custom of very soon, there are allot of variations when it comes to the over all look of the characters in the Archie Adventures series and I want what I make to be as accurate as can be.
-Vaughn M.

~ tOkKa said...

-->> .. oh crap we we go on that ' SOILENT GREEN KICK ' again !!

O man .. !!

(( Keep goin for the dream , Mondo !! ))

Steve Lavigne Ryan Brown said...

Excellent work as always vaughn!!!

Vaughn Michael said...

Thank you so much, It means allot coming from you guys.
I've got allot more coming but I'm moving to California in july and things are a bit crazy for me right now.

Steve Lavigne Ryan Brown said...

Westward Ho!!