Sunday, January 18, 2009

Nether-Dead The Doppelgator!

Magligna creates a Doppelgänger of Leatherhead to infiltrate the Mutanimals
and destroy them. The beast has a special hatred for Leatherhead and wants him dead.
Not included in the Mutanimals animation bible but intended for a second season pitch had the series made it that far, this drawing along with accompanying notes also state that Maligna would have manufactured an evil team of Mutanimals in the deep, dank caverns of the Hive-World and that they were hatched from egg cases full of goo. Eew!


~ tOkKa said...

-->> hooo dawwgy !!

0_0 ~~**

Oh dat Purple look dere dun, gon' maken that Gatah-boy look real good dere !!

Oo i tell yoo .. he dun' steenk o' da' livin' dead jus' like dem 'Zombee Crawdads' stories det ol' Mary Bones used be tell'n the wee ones ..oo d'fear yous was smellin' was so think you think ya mama's Sac-au-Lait was out inna pot over'burn'b dere ..hoo bout down dere in her ol' stank - hutt dere !! Hoo so scary oohoo.. i's shakin' in my beach clawed-scabbards.

HOO !! X{

Hoo .. dun ' Ledderhead lookin' like det he gon tear uppa'd place affta he drank up all 'd boudin rouge of d'Draculas n' dat ol' swamp which dere tellin' all 'em MUTA-ANIMALS " WATCH OUT "

..oo Undead Ledderhead rippa face offa zombie, chomp em up in one big WHOMP o he's jaws 'dere , cuttu ol' zombie up 'dere and and makea big o' feast en' get'togeddah wit' MAMA and all d'uddah Muta-zombies dere!!

We's gon' feed nice helpin's of Couche Couche 'n andouille .. hoo dere gon' be big zombie feast dere !! Monstah Pateh on'dswamp !! HO OO HO HO!!

Hoo .. do tell you Mary godaa one mo' warnin' dere..

"Whattevah you do, don'a ask Maligna where'd she be gettin' dat' ZOMBIE CHITTERLINGS FROM !! "

.. oo i tells to you..dat's d'most goose pimply thing on d' bayou ..nuff ta make the lobstas crack demselves !!

HOOOOOOOOOIEEEEEEE !! @_@ !! !! ~~ **

Vaughn Michael said...

heh nice I was very obsessed with clone characters as a teenager, I wrote a story for the old TMNT cartoon where Shredder makes 3 of his own Evil TMNT, He wanted to make 4 but couldn't clone Leo. ;)
I think it would have been a good fit for the old show.
Thanks for sharing with us.

Roseangelo said...

Oooh, I likey!

~ tOkKa said...

-->> .. you two , your phony Creole accents need ALLOT of work !!

..aye do de-clareee ~~ **

Ol' Mary Bones is rolling in her grave !!

O wait - - 0_0 ~~ **


Steve Lavigne Ryan Brown said...

Great toy line extension also. Cast the same figure in a new evil color plastic and paint with zombified colors!

We always loved Faker from the MOTU line.

~ tOkKa said...

-->> .. i see, someone is eluding to me being a FAKER with my phony Creole accent.

How patronizing !!



Unknown said...

hehe thats messed up ..... gecko will kill it with fire
they should mmake a animated series anyway.. see how it goes....

dark turtle said...

Oooh. I'm a sucker for evil clone stories (hence my user name... I really liked the dark turtles from FF). Love this gator's design. He looks even scarier than the original LH!

Daniel Schwarz said...
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Daniel Schwarz said...
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Lord Nightwalker said...

Man, this has me wondering what the rest of them would have been like. Thanks for sharing all the cool stuff with us man.