Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Blister Card Pencil Art

Above are a couple examples of pencil art for the TMNT blister cards.


dark turtle said...

Those are AWESOME!! Ryan, did you pencil those?

I think it's great that you saved the artwork from the toy packaging. That's one of the reasons why I loved buying TMNT toys as a kid. Each package had unique artwork of the character you were about to unleash. I tried to save the blister cards for each of my figures, but alas, my mother threw them all out a looooooong time ago. :(

Thanks for sharing this with us!

Alex Deligiannis said...


I have wanted a book or some sort of collection of all the old blister cards for years now. I can wish, right?

Ectopaul said...

Holy crap those are amazing.

Aaron Hazouri said...

I love seeing this stuff! Mirage should totally put out a book (like Eastman's "Artobiography") with this kind of stuff! Sure, it'd only sell to the fans, but man it would be awesome!

Vaughn Michael said...

It's a shame the design for the new cards are not this nice and thought out, I just saw the anniversary cards and what a cluttered designers nightmare they are. oi!
I'm sorry but it seriously blows my mind as to why hacks keep getting work when such talented people are out there and aren't getting jobs.
Yeah you can call me a bitter artist but it's the truth.

Roseangelo said...

After seeing the state of the content on, you can consider me a bitter editor. Actually, that's how I feel reading half of what gets published anywhere these days.

However, this card art is just incredible!!! Thanks for sharing it!!

Steve Lavigne Ryan Brown said...

Nope, dark turtle I didn't draw these and I saved these things because of my genuine love of toys. I was fortunate to be in the position I was in. I was able to archive some cool things that might, eventually, have been lost.

~ tOkKa said...

-->> ..the contribution of the Mirage Staff over the years to the Toy's main ' FUN ' components has been integral for it's survival.. if not for Ryan , Dan's , Pete's, Mike's , Jim's ,Eric's, Kev's, And even Bissette's work over there.. it would have just tanked. All of it.

More recently Jim and Mike have kept things flowing there at Playmates.. and what initially is submitted has rocked .. despite the haters !!

All of it to many degrees was / is wonderful .. and i hope Playmates will continue to keep the "HEART " of the design in there.

Or they'll just be f7ckin' themselves up and over.

(( And Half Court and Sandstorm were great .. get over it !! ))


Summer_Nights said...

I love these! Thank you so much for sharing! I have my Dr. El and still need to pick up Monty Moose on eBay someday... Perhaps as a birthday gift to myself. :)

Very cool to see these early sketches!

Sweet Leprachaun said...

Those are really neat. Thank you so much for showing them !

JimmyJams said...

Nice. These are great too see. I'm with Dark Turtle, that was one of the reasons I loved getting them. Each one had it's own unique design.