Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Pithy Portmanteau!

I remember it distinctly, the name "Mutanimals" just hit me one day, out of the blue, and I decided to develop a concept around this ( what I thought was a catchy) portmanteau. The premise would be simple, a mutant animal group whose mission it was to save the planet from mankind. I then set about the task of picking the team members and designing the logo at which time I added the "Mighty". Upon completion and with these in hand I then ran the whole thing by Murph who responded with whole-hearted, enthusiastic gusto. And while Murph thought the team was strong he suggested adding two more members. Jagwar was the first of the two with Murph creating him as a sort of a lord of the rainforest. I suggested a tasmanian wolf which Murph christened "Dreadmon".

With all our ducks in a row now, we then began to weave the story of the mighty mutanimals into the rich, resplendent tapestry of the TMNT Adventures title.

Above, Leatherhead battles his doppelgänger, Nether-dead the Doppelgator! Pencil art courtesy of Fernando!


~ tOkKa said...

-->> ..well i ain' gonna dare go into my phoney Creole accent , and totally come across as an absolute ass again.

Try to be funny and all it does it get Netherdead biting my ass..

I ain' in the mood anyway

.. Mutanimals was always the stuff of legends tho' ..

**Lest ye, folks forget..


Steve Lavigne Ryan Brown said...

Thanks tokka! It's great to see those again!! Awesome memories!

the piff turtle said...

love it, love it, love it.
i miss old cajun leatherhead.

i made a netherdead custom. you can seesome pix here, here, and here.

~ tOkKa said...

-->> ..your customs are always so cute and charming , Ad.

..that one is tight as F * **


Steve Lavigne Ryan Brown said...

Great job piff turtle! We love customs here!!!

Lord Nightwalker said...

Very cool customs.
Ryan, What will the line up be for this book your working on?
So far, it sounds kick ass.
I'm definetly going to pick it up when comes availible.

Any possibility of a TMNT cross over down the line?

dark turtle said...

Gotta love it. That's some awesome gator art. I wonder who's going to win? I think I'll side with Nether-dead. :)

Cool story about the formation of the Mighty Mutanimals. I always assumed they came about because of the different characters that appeared throughout the TMNTA. Didn't realize that you purposely weaved some of these characters in there to form the MM further down the road. Nice work.

Mondo Gecko said...

hell ya^^ this looks awsome
i should draw one of mondo gecko (phoenix) vs Dark Phoenix Mondo gecko.
still workin on my comic...
its starting to look good
i wonder what dark mondo would look like:)

Mondo Gecko said...

and oh ya.....
they will rise again:)

Buffy said...

Awesome drawing!

Steve Lavigne Ryan Brown said...

Hi LN,

The exact line up has yet to be determined but right now
I'm concentrating on seven of my old character designs as definite possibilities.

Mondo Gecko said...

i cannot wait to see it^^
as for my comic it will be ready hopefully by the end of this year
im taking a lot of patience and sweet time to get this comic just right....
i cannot wait to see what the new chars are gonna do.. since this comic your making is also unofficial. perhaps we can combine story lines.. since both of these are sort of fan comics anyway^^