Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mondo Gecko Loves Candy

Candy Fine that is!


Mondo Gecko said...

yes yes he does
they should have had kids:)
^^ i have a pic that was drawn for me that has candy and mondo and my char syrix and their two kids:)
heres a link of my own

~ tOkKa said...

-->> .. slick ..



i remember that , Dan !! !!

Neil Vitale said...

I could make a dirty joke here, considering how it was shaded in a certain area, and how it looked when I first saw the small image. But I think I'll let folks figure it out for themselves :).

Mondo Gecko said...

hah funny i wonder what it could be:)
this is a damn good poster pic.
this is another sign... they will rise again:)

Mondo Gecko said...

almost done with another set of my comics along with my buddy dave
check out the cover concepts we have sketched out on oour deviant art account^^
heres a link to our gallery again:)
magna mutanimalus aeturnus
mighty mutanimals forever^^