Saturday, November 8, 2008

Unruly Cowlick

While in the midst of our creative pow-wow about the direction and
plot points for the 3rd installment of the continuing TMNT/MooMesa
saga, Dean and I, oops...I mean Murph and I were pleasantly surprised when Pete, out of the
blue, suggested that Cudley the Inter-dimensional Cowlick show up on
Moo Mesa!

We whole-heartedly agreed and quickly set about to make it
happen! Be sure to pick up a copy of Tales of the TMNT #52 this month.


Nolan T said...

I know this cow! HURRAY!!

Unknown said...

Hooray, indeed! I hope more TMNTA characters wander by in future issues.

Vaughn Michael said...

About damn time!
Glad Pete is starting to suggest great ideas like this.
Maybe one day characters like Armaggon can make it into animated form.

Neil Vitale said...

Sigh, you artist types make this stuff look so damned easy. I tried to create some of my own characters in 2D form, but while I can imagine them easily in 3D no sweat, I just can't do the same in 2D.

I never really understood the idea behind cuddly the cowlick. Weird name for an even weirder looking character...Where the origins for it ever explained?

Unknown said...

we need the mutanimals back as well
they must return^^

~ tOkKa said...

-->> Pete's gettin' " IT "


Vaughn Michael said...

Oh he's gonna get it alright! lol

Dierna said...

Awesome!!! Now if only the Mutanimals would show up...or perhaps Ninjara... :D

Topsu said...

Dierna's right, Ninjara could do a comeback, maybe in that Ninjara story that never got finished. Only good thing is, that she seems to be in forever war, whenever it comes anyway...

Cudley was anyways a good choice to bring in this universe, since he can go through dimensions.

Mayhem said...

Heh, crossover time! I never read the Adventures series (was almost an "originals" man) but I know who this cowhead is. Rather appropriate I suppose he should turn up...

Unknown said...

the mutanimals rule all^^ we need em back..
their story was never finished.. if they remain as they are then corporate monopolists and dictators truly won man..
bring them back^^
and keep em back^^
heh ninjara too after all she was sort of one of them..
i suggested the turnstone..
its possibly the only way^^
it can work. hell, it worked for jean grey didnt it:)