Thursday, November 13, 2008

On The Road Again

Back in the day we logged a lot of miles traveling to comic book stores and conventions for appearances to promote the TMNT books. Most of the time we packed into Pete's Honda Wagovan to make the drive or we would board a crowded, over-booked plane for the trip. But once, for a trip to the Mid-Ohio-Con, Mirage rented a tour bus with driver, used by the Rolling Stones no less, to make the haul in style. Everywhere we stopped people would ask us if we were in a band.

Pictured inside the bus are, among others, Steve Bissette, Kevin, Eric and Dan.


Mica said...

awesomeness! :D

Adam Riches said...

Man, who's rocking the acid-wash jeans and lavender socks?! Great photo by the way, it seems you did the best job of chronicling the Mirage glory days, or at least you're the best with sharing photos.

Vaughn Michael said...

hah thats an awesome story and it was like you guys had been in a band, this is why things just as good anymore, the band broke up.
I think it's time for a reunion tour!!!

~ tOkKa said...

-->> .. yeh your over by the pizza hut jammin with Dillon on a cool n' overcast night.


.. ya know i don't think Dillon would do a good rendition of that song.


Neil Vitale said...

Did you get the CSI Blue-Light all over that Bus before you sat in any of those seats?

Roseangelo said...

Wow, what a bunch of dorks!


Unknown said...

i would love to work for tmnt team :)