Monday, March 23, 2009

TMNT Mutant Universe Poster

We think it would be great to reprint this poster for the 25th celebration!


dark turtle said...

Wow! I haven't seen this before. This poster has a ton of mutants! And it looks like A.C. Farley did the pencils. Whatever happened to that guy? I'd love to see some posters like this get reprinted for the 25th anniversary. Cool stuff.

Daniel Schwarz said...

I was going to say exactly the same thing, Dark Turtle. This looks like A.C. Farley's work. The turtles look like they did in the majority of the covers for the City At War story arc, when A.C. Farley did the cover art.

Why is Bebop green? Was he green in the Archie comics or something? And why are there more than four turtles on the poster. That having been pointed out, it's a cool poster with a lot going on.

Roseangelo said...

Yes, please!

These are all the covers to the TMNT Adventures Universe Guides, for which Farley also did all the interior art.

Nolan T said...

Fix Future Raph's arm for a reprint... I've got the original, and I'd LOVE a bigger one!

Unknown said...

I lovedlovedloved the Mutant Universe Sourcebooks as a kid. This makes me smile.

I'd love a proper-huge reprint!

Cat Blackard said...

DO IT!!!

Don't toy with my heart!

Vaughn Michael said...


Adam said...

For some reason, I always miss Jaguar and Inky in this picture! They are kinda hiding in the background.

Steve Lavigne Ryan Brown said...

We love A.C. Farley and wish he could do more TMNT art but alas, only time will tell.

It would be cool to have the 3 Mutant Universe books collected into one volume.

Vaughn Michael said...

I'd love to know what A.C. Farley is up to these days I'm a huge fan of his work.
I've asked a bunch of people and no one will give me an answer or they tend to avoid talking about him, makes one think there is bad blood between he and the Mirage crew...
Hey if they released a book with the 3 they already plus bios and art of characters they never put in the universe books I'm so there.

Steve Lavigne Ryan Brown said...

His disappearance is a mystery!

Great Murph interview by the way!

Vaughn Michael said...

& thank you! Do you ever think you'd be interested in doing such a thing? I know it's been a long time but what the hell eh?

Ectopaul said...

The truth is Dean Clarrain is Murphy, and AC Farley is Kevin Eastman!!! ;) j/k

I love AC's artwork too. I'd definitely buy this poster.

Rachel (a-big-apple) said...

Yes! Reprint it! I loved those covers SOOOO much.

~ tOkKa said...
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~ tOkKa said...

-->> A.C. Farley .. is Currently still in CG animation projects and freelance.

☻ ☺

Samples -

"Forward Alert Recon Test Renders" By Craig ( A.C. ) Farley 2008 , 2009 ::



" Firebrand Hallway Renders "


Recombatants™ ( formerly Bioneers )


.. is slow and steady set for release within' the coming months.

And the next Gen of ' FARLEY ' is set to help Craig on the series.

The A.C. powerhouse is getting assistance from his daughter.

.. .. so uh..

You guys were saying ?!


Alex Deligiannis said...

If this does make it as a poster, could the colors be fixed first? Raph's arm being mistaken for ManRay's chest has always bothered me (among other little things).

~ tOkKa said...

-->> ..what you guys mean .. "make it as a reissue " poster.

This was a pull-out tucked away in the Mutant Sourcebook 3 .


Roseangelo said...

I think there's a 0% of this being reissued, no matter how cool it'd be or how much sense it would make. Posters cost money to print and that goes against absolutely everything in Gary's blood.

Cat Blackard said...

Ideally I'd want it to be larger than the original version and without the creases from being folded inside a comic book...

Buuut... I would rather see a reprint of this than not have it reissued at all. Maybe it could get stuffed in the TMNTA compilation.

Recombatant said...

Hello All,

I'm fine. Let's clear this up... I love nearly everyone at Mirage, almost. There's no bad blood between me and the company. I see all my friends from my Mirage days quite often. So that's that. I'm always surprised when people ask about me. I've been making much better money doing other work, not comics, but very much like comics. 3D CAD and Technical Illustration and animation for Sun Microsystems a big-ass computer company, for the last 3+ years. At present, I'm freelancing again, since Sun is experiencing layoffs and my job got cut. Oh well. I'm going to attempt to collect my Bioneers, now called Recombatants:Team Dragonfighters™, into one trade paperback and get it into stores this summer or early fall. It'll be around 100 pages and I'm doing some new stuff for it as well. I'm also doing 3D animation of Recombatants, in an effort to get some support for making a feature film. Cross your fingers for me. I'm glad you like my stuff. I loved doing the TMNT art, and when folks enjoy my stuff, it makes me very pleased. Thanks very much for all the great enthusiasm.

Hey Steve L. and Ryan. Howdy boyz!

A.C. Farley

~ tOkKa said...

-->> Well 'llo , Craig. Nice ta see ya again.

See, folks.. You may be right, Tokk may be crazy ..

..but uhh .. this crazy snapper knows what he's talkin' about and then some.

..well ever'body have a good day !!

.. .. >v<

Steve Lavigne Ryan Brown said...

Hey Craig!!! Thanks for stopping by!!

You need to start a blog so we and all the TMNT fans can keep track of you!!

Whadda ya say??? Great idea???

Vaughn Michael said...

I say it's an amazing Idea Craig I'm such a huge fan of yours you have no idea how much your art has inspired me over the years.
Please please please keep us all updated on what your up to.
Bioneers was great, & I look forward to the Recombatants.
Will the Recombatants use the same story or will it be changed at all?
thanks for sharing this news with us.
-Vaughn M.