Thursday, December 25, 2008

Market Update

Lots of TMNT toys are showing up at local closeout stores for under $5 bucks. Time to hit your local liquidation store and complete your collection cheap! Alien hunter turtles and the aliens, mutations, assault turtles, as well as lots of turtle motorcycles and vehicles. So when you're out bargain shopping tomorrow spend some holiday cash on the TMNT and help save the economy from total collapse.


Vaughn Michael said...

I'd buy things like the Mutant Mole and that Spider Playmates has on the back of the box and I know I'm not alone on this one but no one can find them and can only asume Playmates hasn't released them and only the sub sewer turtles.
I can't bring myself to buy the same turtle over and over again anymore it has to be really cool or a brand new sculpt each time or I'm not gonna plop down my cash and would rather spend it on a more diserving line like Marvel Legends or DC Universe.

Playmates will get my money though in 2009 this I'm sure of with the Mirage based figures.

Adam Riches said...

Ditto everything Vaughn said.

~ tOkKa said...

-->> ..another liquidation to look for and shed a tear for..

K - B filed for a second bankruptcy..

but this time, they ain' comin back.


Keji said...

you should make a deal with Media molecule to make TMNT sackboys

Ectopaul said...

Marshall's had the TMNT mini mutant playsets at $12.99, I got the Don and Mike ones finally.

Wal-Mart has TMNT movie figures down to $5.