Thursday, December 11, 2008

Body Of Work

In 1990, Murph and Dan imagine what Krang's real body looked like in Dimension X. Playmates didn't go for it.


Adam Winters said...

Maybe they thought it was gross and would scare kids...
Exactly the reason to put it into production and sell it like hotcakes! :-D

Vaughn Michael said...

hahah exactly adam!
Sort of reminds me of the Madballs action figures that came with odd bodies back in the day!
I really am loving these designs, I'd pay top dollar for an entire book of this stuff!
I bought Michael dooneys sketch book just for this reason knowing he had tuns of rejects tmnt stuff in it.

Cowabunga Dude! said...

Screw a book, vaughn! I want the "Mirage Mutants that Playmates Rejected" toy line put into production and sold at specialty shops across the globe!

Vaughn Michael said...
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Vaughn Michael said...

You know I could perhaps make some of these, I don't think this krang idea would be to hard for me to turn into a custom.
I still like the one I came up with better "Rejects" ;)
I'd buy every single one no doubt.
It's a shame toy companies aren't taking chances on things now though and just making toys based on things.
You seriously could shop these around and make your own toy series.
Screw playmates and relating this stuff to TMNT.
Your talent goes way beyond either.

Oh btw one of my next customs (when I get all the parts together) is Warrior Dragon based on his Archie comics look, and the figure is going to stand 15 inches tall.
EDIT: ok seriously the word verification I had t type in to post this was "Series" if that isn't a sign I don't know what is!

~ tOkKa said...

-->> about a ' Mugg' , Ryan.. ??

Some seem to like 'em.


~ tOkKa said...

-->> These are more interesting than the body ultimately used in the toon.

Tho sorry, i did like Dan's orognial take that Krang ultimately was himself an Utrom .. >v<

Ectopaul said...

This is awesome! The second one looks a lot like the abomination from the new Hulk movie. Wouldn't be too hard to modify that figure into a Krang body, especially since it was 5" it should even be in scale.

Neil said...

Dudes -

It's nice to see at least some of the guys at Mirage where curious as to what Krang's original body was.

What did you think of the final reveal of it in the show itself? I find it rather interesting that Krang was originally reptilian in nature...and would have been a much bigger threat with his real body. It also explains why all the rooms in the Technodrome are huge as hell ;)..

Sometime next year, I plan to start Sculpying. If it turns out to be as easy to imagine as 3D art, maybe I'll try making some of these cool ideas that Playmates so stupidly passed on....

You guys need to pitch some of these to the 4 hoursemen and start your own production company :)