Friday, June 6, 2008

Vintage Mondo Gecko T-Shirt

Here's that rad reptile, Mondo Gecko on a 1991 T-Shirt.


~ tOkKa said...

-->> Can you imagine gleamin' the cube with this Tee ?!

EFF !!

(( B T W, Thanks for the bigger scans !! ))


Buffy said...

Yesh! Mondo! :)
Do you have a t-shirt of Leatherhead of Dreadmon by any chance? It would be cool to see an image of that.

Cowabunga Dude! said...

I thought you'd have all these tokka!?

Cowabunga Dude! said...

buffy said...
Yesh! Mondo! :)
Do you have a t-shirt of Leatherhead of Dreadmon by any chance?

Unfortunately not, and we pretty much saw everything that came through the approval pipeline. No shirts with those characters on them.

~ tOkKa said...

-->> .. i should be so lucky to have 'em !!

EEsh .. and in case you ain' checked your messages ..there's one thing i do have, so if you missed it ..

">** There's one thing i DID get..

..and i'd give you more my whole-hearted thank you, but He stole it. >v<

Buffy said...

Cowabunga Dude! said...
Unfortunately not, and we pretty much saw everything that came through the approval pipeline. No shirts with those characters on them.

Do'h, too bad :(

Tokka, congrats on your cool Scratch sketch (try saying that 10 times :D)!

Speaking of Sketches, will there be more? I haven't had the pleasure yet of winning one on ebay.

~ tOkKa said...

-->> Thanks, B.. there are bound to be more i bet !!

Also .. i like the little character in your av.

Is that your creation ??

Buffy said...

~ tOkKa said...
Also .. i like the little character in your av.

Is that your creation ??

Why thank you *blushed and hides in a corner*
The little guy is indeed one of my creations. Here he is in his full glory

~ tOkKa said...

-->> O 'WOW !!

LOL ..ha!!

(( clicks + WATCH))..

[[ like your Mikey too .. ]] >v<

roseangelo said...

How did I never realize that's a Harry Potter sheep? Fantastic!

And fantastic shirt, too! I don't recall seeing any of these shirts you've been posting in stores. Hmmm.

Buffy said...

*blushes even more with such kind remarks*

And more pictures of t-shirts please! :D

Cowabunga Dude! said...

buffy! We love Potter Peep! Awesome job!

Buffy said...

Cowabunga Dude! said...
buffy! We love Potter Peep! Awesome job!

Thank you! :D
My best friend and I are currently working on a little flash animation with Potter Peep, Dumblegoat, Wolvemort and all his wizard friends. The animation will be synchronized to the song of Flashdance. :D

Buffy said...

Reading the above made me just think that I have wayyy to much time on my hands.

~ tOkKa said...

-->> yeh but you are spending it creativly, so .. it's not like you are wastin' it, B.>v<

Vaughn Michael said...

Ryan or Steve who's ever replying!,
Like I've been saying no one has these shirts I've never seen them anywhere.
They must have been shipped in very low quantities.
Seriously people like myself, rose and tokka love these characters and if anyone had these thigns besides mirage people it would be us.
I don't know a single hard core fan who owns anything like this.
That's why I even question them being released.

Cowabunga Dude! said...

The shirt designs would come to the studio from the licensee either as copies by mail or via fax. The designs that Pete and Kev liked were approved and then made into shirts and shipped to stores. Contractually, Mirage would get a few of each design from the production run. The remaining shirts, after Pete/Kev had their pick, were thrown in the storage room and that's when we'd rummage through them and get a few of what we liked. There were tons of these designs ( scumbug, Wingnut, Mondo Gecko, Man Ray ) in the room at that time and I grabbed a few of each. All I've got left are these three. Unless I find my Man Ray one then it'll be four!

Vaughn Michael said...

Lucky you mr. awesome creator man! lol

Cowabunga Dude! said...

Right place , right time. Wish I would have grabbed more. The store room was always stuffed to the ceiling with everything TMNT. I remember I only managed to grab two Scratch figures out of the one carton that came in. Secondary figures were on their way out then in favor of more turtle variants.

Vaughn Michael said...

Seems they're going down the same bad path again that killed the line in the 90's with the modern line I can't wait yay! *sarcasm*

But yeah I was lucky as a teen back in 92 or 93 I was at a local toy shop and had been hunting for Scratch for about a year I believe and low and behold he was sitting there mib on the shelf for $3.99 boy I almost had a heart attack lol I was so excited I found him.
Boy every time we bring up the old line it just makes me miss how creative it was and how much detail went into the sculpts, everything tody in the turtles line is so boring and totally lacking detail.
But it seems no one cares.. :(

Cowabunga Dude! said...

That Scratch story is great! I used to get that same feeling if I was lucky enough to come across some figure I was searching for.
I tried for YEARS to sell Playmates on Scratch but they kept saying he was weak. Finally after almost everything else had been done I
submitted him again and they approved him.

I had numerous story ideas involving him in the Archie series but nothing ever came of it.

We care and you care, but it all falls on deaf ears. Don't forget the retail stores have a lot to do with what gets made. If Wal-Mart or Target doesn't like something it will not get manufactured. So Playmates
could feel strongly about and push Mutanimals figures let's say but if the stores say no that's it, end of story.
Walmart/Target have huge influence over what you'll see. Playmates answers to them and just gives them what they want.

The future is NECA. They sell to a smaller market. They have the rights to do
any characters from any of the different TMNT comic book universes so if sales are strong you could very well see Archie Adventure figures. Let's hope!

~ tOkKa said...

-->> .. tryin' not to let it get to me, but damm ya know 'cat' caught my tongue. Actually what i think it is, as usual i am falling into the trap of miscommunication.


Man .. after days of trying to say :: THANK YOU, RYAN ..

it's like W T F.

My emails keep getting bounced back to me ..and them people come in and repeat and repeat all these things i've been saying all along !!


God..why i try ??



Cowabunga Dude! said...

Hmmm, I wondered why I haven't seen your emails.
But never fear! At least I know you received it and that you're happy with it!

~ tOkKa said...

-->> .. man why does this always happen.

Sorry, i am having an EXCEPTIONALLY bad day. Things are VERY bad right now.

Oi .. My initial excitement for anything just gets ' SWEPT UP AND SWEPT ' away by the chaos of and confusion of sometimes some very trivial things.

For the ten billionth time..


My perception of the fandom isn't either.. but i swear .. I FUGGIN' SWEAR.. I BRING UP GODAMM GOOD POINTS !! And then ultimate.. no matter what i do or say everyone talks over my head or looks at me as a rambling idiot.


maybe it's my brain workin' at the speed of light, maybe it's my inability to to reason and rationalize what people are saying. Ya know.. and i can get into it with that rude goofball on Murphy's all i want. The sad truth is sometimes i may be more like that guy than i'd care to admit.

Some of it yeh, maybe in my head.. but not all of it is. Adversity is not the cup o' tea that i'm the strongest dealing with but it's one i'm forced to swallow down every gaw-damm day.

Maybe i am an idiot.. maybe i don't get myself.

Rest assured.. i suppose i shall not ever fully understand the ins and out of this fandom.

I haven't always understood Playmates over the years and even in their more modern takes on TMNT.

I just knew and know what the f7ck i liked and loved, was drawn to it and yeh fed into it.

For anything i DO or have justified or at least tried to help people rationalize and look in a positive light, it's thrown back at me like a bunch cherry bombs.

Yeh ok, fine .. yeh Playmates spits out the 'Rappin Don' ..everyone raises hell about it .. Playmates continues not to listen. DADADADA .. .. ~~ i'm sorry, it's not my fault.

Maybe NECA will make Archie TMTN figs , maybe they won't.. ..

.. so sorry this suicidalist actually ties to see a silver lining even if there really isn't much of one in this existence we live in.

OK ..

** ** Scratch , to me.. from the flippin' get go .. was a RAD TOY ..

i've only ever seen 1 in my entire life in person and that was the one i slapped down about 5 bucks at the flippin' Kmart for. That is the one i cracked open and that is the one i very mich love to this very day. SO MUCH SO I'M TRYING TO TOUCH UP HIS PAINTS TO MAKE HIM LOOK LIKE FINAL BOX ART FIGURE THEY SHOWED ON THE PACKAGES. **LIKE I DID WITH THE DR. EL.. I WAS SO EXCITED WHEN I FIRST GOT THAT TOY THE OTHER MONTH (thanks to the good graces and efforts of Vaughn )


I dunno. Maybe it's just an inability for me to totally express to people my appreciation for all the efforts made over the years ( especially in times past ) about yours, Jims, Mikes ..ect's creative efforts towards not jsut the TMNT Toy line but that damm brand in general !!

F8ck.. Sandstorm, Half Court, Hot Spot, Dreadmon , Warrior Dragon, whatever.. these freeks define my heart too much as anyone. I don't know why i should be havin' to explain it.

I didn't try to get the Scratch illustration ' O JUST CUZ ..' ..


Let alone i was jumping for joy cuz it was my first piece of Ryan Brown art EVER !! GOD !!

Noone was even even mentioning that he was actually A.K.A. HALLOWCAT .. he was a pretty vicious little twerp !! One of the Uncanny Trio.. and his pals Nocturno and Nevermore the Scarecrow by far are and easily of the Darkest of all the TMNT Adventures characters !!

I mean goddam !! That whole issue they premiered was actually rather sinister and spooky. April almost bit it and got a real nasty taste of ' TOXIC SOUP '. only at last minute to be saved by the Gang. That really freeked me out !! Hallowcat wasn't just a cat burglar, Playmates was actually selling the toy of a very VERY evil little character !! I loved that fact. Was so fun to go ahead and pit him against the Hot Spot. Another killer figure ( i mean dammit, the back of Dalmatian Mutant's freekin Fireman hat is a bowl of Kibble .. my god brilliant ! ) !!

These are the things that yeh , reflected the wackiness, irony and fun of the original toys.. and i am stunned, just f7cking STUNNED just now are bouncing around the fact how cool it all was when i was TRYING TO TELL THEM THIS STUFF ALL ALONG.

Then again i must realize that some of it is people that already had the same frame of mind as me, and are just now starting to come out of the shadows ( or at least in the past few years ) and sayin'::

" HEY .. all that 'Wacky' stuff really was cool !! I've always loved it too, Tokka !! "

Gee..i dunno.

I mean why in the am-HELL would you need to or have to or want to apologize for ' FARMER MIKE ' ..

again BIG F4CKIN' DEAL ..

it was a fun, creative and cute toy !! And actually..

YES .. in the original cartoon .. at least once i can recall ..the Turtles dressed in some strange 'Green house / farmer ' guise, and also had some very silly adventures dealing with Aliens and

NO .. A 'FARMER MIKE' WAS NOT A CHARACTER OUT OF PLACE IN THAT TOY LINE !! 'Sides.. that figure line was parallel to the figure line ( at least initially ) anyway !!

With as much sh7t flying around here right now, the last thing i need to get worked up over id a ' RAPPING DONATELLO ' figure..

big flippin' whoopty do.

Tragic loss and some very major, life afflicting B-S seems to be an underlining theme for this year. Chaos ensuses with just that. OK .. sorry, the last thing i wanna be in an argument with people about is a flippin' TOY that hasn't even come out yet !!

And that's EXACTLY what i did !! And i fed into it, and came off as an ass, and alot of that was my fault tho'.

Whatever.. i'm toast, anxiety driven and i've already typed out another ' NOVEL ' here..

ya know.. Vaughn was right when he said " MR .AWESOME CREATOR " ..

..i'm not sayin any of this or outlining it if i didn't mean it. Yeh fine they'll be " O He's just sucking up."

.. Know what .. f8ck that to anyone that'd say that ..

i don't invest time and energy, or money in things i don't care about.

I don't go out of my way to explain myself even at the risk of once again humiliating myself in front of others to try to explain myself. ( I don't know why or what it is.. no matter what, i just can't explain myself like normal people !! My GOD !! Why do i try .. WHY DO I TRY ?! )

And the whole C O W BOYS obsession .. i am genuine in that too. And now.. my initial love for those characters had NOTHING to do with TMNT.

Hell i didn't know that Ryan had anything to do with their inception until long after i was diggin' the cartoon. It only hit after reading the comics and reading the Hasbro Figure card backs.

Again, Mr. Creative ..

in your f8cking MIND ,MAN ..


I think that's why me and Vaughn get along so great cuz the majority of what helped make Turtles so great are the same damm things we just adore about he whole freekish franchise.

There are good things that have happened, maybe will or won't happen again .. 4Kids' era of TMNT is rather different than the 1990s i understand. But again.. it hasn't been all bad. Playmates has done a few good things. Yeh like releasing figs in Dooney's vision. Or making a damm Planet Racers Bike or Dino Don based on initial concepts not originally related to the Toons by Jim and Pete.


I MEAN DO YOU REALIZE HOW MUCH MY HEART WAS IN MY THROAT ?! GOD i would shunned the heimlich maneuver coulda choaked to death happy !!

Yeh yeh .. some things haven't translated as well. I understand. Crusty toys, bad sculpts, yeh yeh yeh.

Some have. Don't i get a tiny bit of credit .. at least in the very tiniest, teensiest morsel for trying to see the positive in all this entropy ?? And that stuff don' come for me. Seriously.. it'd be easier to look the other way and be very negative about it all..and damm i know i've had times i've just wanted to throw it all away and cast the whole Turtles Fandom away forever !!

Times like that i'd rather help deliver baby elephants into the world and take up packiderm husbandry, only to be smooshed by them all in a mad stampeed after they all found out how terribly frighting i look with a Mickey Mouse Ear hat on.


i genuinely love the 'BOYs.. and i am eternally grateful and thankful for not just the sketch but the character of SCRATCH ..and characters similar to that fun and whimsy.

Fine i just spent a hell of a lot of time typing this crap that noone will understand.

But gee.. i really must care about this stuff it is more than enough to rile me up and get going like this. Man .. i sure do know how to make an ass of myself don't i.

(( And don't get me started about ' BOG ' .. )).

Alright i did it again.. sorry, folks.



~ tOkKa said...

-->> ..theres no point in me even trying to explain my points.

No matter what i will always come off as a freak without the slightest grasp of understanding of anything or the damm fandom.

The points i have always made were sincere and from the heart. My logic has always been to the best of my abilities.

I'm sorry for ever even trying in the first place to fit in any of this. It will always just place me as a ' FREEK ' .. no matter what ..

f7ck this.


Vaughn Michael said...

Um Tokka I'm going to ask nicely can you please stop with the pitty party stuff.

~ tOkKa said...

-->> ok whatever.

..fine ,Vaughn.



~ tOkKa said...

-->> don't get it ..

Vaughn Michael said...

No you're right I don't ever get anything.
You go slit your wrists and whine some more and have a pitty party on everyones blogs about how everyone thinks your a freak and a nut and whatever else is really jus in your head.
But yeah it's ok thanks I don't get it or antything related to it.

Things like this only show me even if I don't get "it", that you are confused and want attention.
The old ways aren't working anymore trying something new dave, the resteraunt where you used to have the pitty party closed down for health code violations :P

Anyway this isn't the place for you to be going off on tantrums dude, I think it's a bit unfair to the owner of the blog.
You have your own blog for that ;)
See I get it you're a confused angry young man with sinister snapper action.

~ tOkKa said...

-->> Sorry , sir.. you riding me like that won't work either.

(ok this is a REALLY bad time to be starting in on me Vaughn ..

NO i mean REALLY BAD !! )

No where i said i was gonna ' cut myself ' ..

no where i said .. "O POOR ME "..

no where in any way shape mater or form did i say i any of that or that i wanted attention.

UH, yeh you totally missed the point, and you continue to see it one way, and that is . " O TOKKA WANTS ATTENTION."

Know what .. you sure are gonna go ahead and freek out when anyone "Stresses you out." ..

but it's perfectly ok for you to bring anxiety to the table for others.

Get off my back NOW !!

I don't want to be another excuse for you to go ahead and tell your doctor your all stressed out.

You will continue to see things your way and the high-way.

And your actually making things worse by that comment, Vaughn.

NO ,sir.. you do not get it..

you refuse to get it.

And yeh .. you make situations like that much worse.

No it ain " ALL ABOUT YOU , Either ..Vaughn. "


~ tOkKa said...

-->> Apologies to to Ryan and others for this.

This is totally uncalled for all around.

This is a much more complex issue.

I shall take my discussion with Vaughn off list.


~ tOkKa said...

-->> .. sorry to troll, i 'm not trying to.

i have my good days and my bad days. Frustration, anxiety and the struggle to make myself made clear in what i'm saying appears shall be a constant the rest of my days.

Again i apologize for any misunderstanding. It's just hard to deal to deal with when it appears i'm being talked over as if i am some kind of idiot. And it's a very low blow i was handed in a prior post.

I got issues , sure i got this thing in my f7cking head i am fighting ok whoopy doo.

I'm doin the best i can. I shouldn't have to be here for the millionth time explainin' this.

So it is..

I was not trying to throw a 'pity party ' nor was i trying to say " o i am gonna hurt myself " or anything like that.

Sometimes i get very passionate in what i am saying and expressing , and equally as frustrated.

That does not equate to a ' Tantrum'.

Again apologies can exude from my being from here to hell and eternity .. what's going to matter is how i continue to try.

And if anyone has a problem with that well then, f8ck'em.

It's been said that in times of the most extreme adversity that trying becomes the most difficult and also when people have to try the hardest.

That's where i am at.

However i am reaching my limit.

If anyone else has issue with me please email me. Thank you.


Vaughn Michael said...

I know you love these guys but this isn't the place to vent, I know you have their personal e-mails so if you want to tell them how goh darn angry you are that would be the best way to go.
Same goes if you dont like something I say you have my e-mail.

I'm done with this it's moronic to argue with you, especially when you won't even take the time to tell me exactly what it is that I'm not getting.

Vaughn Michael said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Vaughn Michael said...

one last thing to quote one of my favorite bands "You think people have a problem (with you), but that problem lyes only with you."

~ tOkKa said...

-->> Um ..while yeh some of the fault lays on me.. there are factors to look at. Noone will so hell with it.

.. I 've been hurt enough by this topic long enough and i've got bigger fish to deal with than rehash this.

Good day.


Vaughn Michael said...

lol! Thanks for listening!

~ tOkKa said...

" With friends like this who needs enemies."





Vaughn Michael said...

With friends like these who needs stomach ulcers...oh wait. haha

~ tOkKa said...

-->> rubs yir tummy ** ~~