Monday, June 16, 2008

Look Familiar ?

The inspiration for the Man Ray shirt?


Rachel (a-big-apple) said...

Haha! Captain Mossback! I new that pose from the Man Ray shirt looked familiar. Awesome.

Vaughn Michael said...

Nope, what's that from? hahaha just kidding :P
I wonder how he got the name mossback..perhaps I don't want to know lol

roseangelo said...

Oh yeah, that can't be a coincidence!

Dinoff said...


But I'm confused; was Man Ray also called Ray Fillet, or am I just losing it and thinking of something else?

~ tOkKa said...

-->> Man Ray was also know as Ray Fillet ..Vaughn confirmed my suspition that his name was reff'ed as 'Ray Fillet' in the comic aside from just the toy and video game.

And again he had nothin' to do with the idiot bad-guy creation ' RAY ' ..from the cartoon aside from the fact that that particular episode was due to the fact that Fred Wolf's company screwed up Man Ray's character and story.

Cap'n Mossback talked the stereo-type language of a pirate and was one of the TMNT / Mutanimals' more memorable bad guys.

He name was inspired by a politician at the time who was very anti-environmental.

If i recall he was also against the special devices on the fishing boats that would help save the Turtles from the Fisherman nets, as it allowed the reptiles an easy escape from the nets without disrupting the fishers' catch.

I believe the plight of Kemp's Ridley Turtle was a major source of inspiration for Ray's and Mossback's appearance in that issue.

I think the politician's name was ' MOSSACK ' or something. I don't recall fully.


TV's Kyle said...

I remember that typo!