Friday, January 11, 2008

Movie Memories

Mike and Jim on the set of the first movie. They're playing around with a miniature of the rooftop set that was being filmed that night.
It was made out of blocks of wood and a couple of drinking cups. Good thing they didn't break it.


Vaughn Michael said...

heh very cool! Did you get to meet Jim Henson? He's on of my idols.
Also I'm so sad you passed up doing the cover art for the old toon dvd box art!
I hope you can do one of the next ones.

funkidrumr said...

Awesome photo. Did they use miniatures in the 1st movie? I didn't know that if they did.

Cowabunga Dude! said...

Thanks Vaughn.
Didn't meet Jim Henson but got to meet his son.
Very cool moment.
I like the muppets.

Yep, sorry to say I passed. More than I can handle at the moment. But I sure appreciated the offer!

Cowabunga Dude! said...

funkidrumr said...
"Awesome photo. Did they use miniatures in the 1st movie? I didn't know that if they did."

I don't know. We were at the Dino De Laurentiis studio facilities in Wilmington, North Carolina. Most of what we saw were indoor and outdoor sets.

I think the miniature in the picture was maybe used for staging fight scenes.

funkidrumr said...

Thanks man. That sounds like so much fun. It would so great to have a special edition of the 1st movie. I'd buy that up in a heartbeat!

I always wondered which scenes were in NY and which weren't.

Vaughn Michael said...

Aww Jim was such a great man and went waay before his time. :(
But cool you got to meet Brian I think he's just now finally getting the hang of things and filling Jims foot steps nicely..
I got to meet him in LA at his Puppet Up Comedy show he wasn't very nice and sort of cocky..
Me also TMNT, Muppets, & Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends are like my 3 biggest obsessions lol
And it's cool I just hope if the chance comes again you'll take it!

~ tOkKa said...

-->> Damm Jim and Mike look so different !!

..V n' them'll smack my lip ..

TMNT II is as important as the first ..

did you guys ever get to go around there n' hangwith Rick Lyon and all the freeks n' mutatoes over on that set ??

Was a difficult time for the Henson people i'm sure seein' as how Jim was gone..

still ..but TMNT was still going so strong then in '91.

Sometimes i still get flack n' none such slack for loving that show..

..but whatever..

Me n' girls gotta meet Michelin Sisti (Michelangelo suit actor for i and II ) last summer..closest i'd been to meeting a Muppeteer aside from the likes of the major movie panels like Labrynth and Dark Crystal II.. hmm.

Whatever.. they've been givin me spit about it since '91.. i'm still gonna get it.

" OO Tokka and rahzar ain as good a Bebop n' Rocksteady.. blah blah blah ..Vanilla Ice..

Blah blah blah .. "

TMNT II's got more twists n' weirdness than the other 3 films put together and 7 million degrees of Kevin Bacon ..' all just prejudice !!

Ah phooey .. i'm all bummed out now..

Whatever.. i'll cheer my self up and give 5 more things for Vaugh to fire back at me as to the reason he doesn't understand me .. ::

'S.R. Bissette' = TOKKA , FRANK WELKER as T n' R's speakin' voice,Rick Lyon,E. Reyes Jr.,Kevin Nash,Kurt Bryant as Tokka,Mark Ginther..suit guy for Rahzar .. ((went on to play Lord Zedd in the first Power Rangers Movie.. go figger..)). phooey .. you guys are prejudiced ..PHOOEY !!

Buncha Snapper -haters !!

**SOB **..runs off in a tizzy and smashes into the broad-side of a barn.. ~~ ** SMACK !! .. >v<

Vaughn Michael said...

Tokka one is upsetting you but you. ;) *bonks on the head*

~ tOkKa said...

-->> PHOOEY !! **

Ow ~~ ** >v<