Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dangerous Crossing

While running errands today I came across a little turtle trying to cross the road. So, just like Michelangelo, I quickly jumped from my civic and transplanted the tiny terrapin into the creek on the other side of the road. Animals just don't have a chance in hell anymore and it's only getting worse as we humans overpopulate the planet.


m. said...

Nothing stands a chance in man's world.

Cowabunga Dude! said...

Everyone please visit

We've sure made a mess of things.

Alex "Toon" Deligiannis said...

Number one, that's awesome of you to get out and help that turtle (my buddy and I once stopped traffic to help a row of ducks cross... oddly enough, right in front of The Pond in Anaheim, where the Mighty Ducks play). Number two, that's awesome of you to post such an awesome drawing. This pose of Mikey was among my all-time favorites as a kid!!!!!! And your take on it is so sweet, I love those ink lines!

Adam Winters said...

That Mikey pic looks a lot like your Old Toon Raphael design. A similar Mirage version of Raphael in that pose also appeared in Vol. 1, #2. So who did what and when?

Anima Gemini said...

That's a great story. It's a good thing you were there to help out the little guy! I just wanted to let you know, this is my first time commenting, but I've been visiting your blog since the very beginning. Keep up the great work. I also encourage everyone to check out the elegies blog. ~ AG

~ tOkKa said...

<< -- ♥ -->>

~ tOkKa said...

<<-- ♫ -->>

dark turtle said...

Ah, I'm happy you took the time to help out that little guy. Even though mankind as a whole has been wrecking havoc on mother nature (as the elegies blog shows), I still believe that every bit of compassion shown to our fellow animals helps.

Kick ass Mikey sketch! Great job on the inks and colors. He really pops out of the screen. The pose looks like Raph from vol. 1 #2 (as Adam pointed out). When did Kevin and Peter draw Mikey in the same pose?

Cowabunga Dude! said...

Awesome duck story alex! Lucky for them you were there at the time. Good karma.

Welcome anima gemini! Glad you're here.

Yes, you are correct dark turtle, I like to believe every little bit helps.

adam, that pose has been utilized many times. I simply inked over page 1 of TMNT 2 and threw in some quick color for this blog post.
Steve and I also reworked it for the TMNT licensing program way back in the beginning.

I was then asked to re-ink it yet again for the new 4Kids retro product line.

Cowabunga Dude! said...

Good job tokka! Way to dumpster dive! I see you got the Mutanimals message!

I want that turtle for a pet!!

Cowabunga Dude! said...

dark turtle said...
When did Kevin and Peter draw Mikey in the same pose?

They never did, I just inked their Raph from issue 2 page 1 and replaced the sai with nunchaku!

Might even make a Leo and Donatello out of this pose in the future. Cool.

~ tOkKa said...

<<-- Mutanimals And their friends ** -->>

(( ..ok it was more like the friends of their friends and Cudley .. still )) **

~ tOkKa said...

-->> .. i hate this so much ,Ryan .. i hate it ..

** **

.. i'm so angry and i cried so hard.


.. my god..

o my god.


~ tOkKa said...

** ** ~~